We are passionate about creating great products for consumers, constantly striving to improve our products and services. To create real value, we always want to gather people with high sense of responsibility, believing in what we do, and those are passionate about work to devote to the community as well as the society. We do not accept average standards in manufacturing and trading. We aim to bring the best experience to every customer when coming to Healthylife.

Mr. Le Ba Ngoc

Vice President - Secretary General
(+84) 903 471 318 ngocvietcraft@gmail.com

Mr. Le Ba Ngoc is one of the founders of Vietcraft. Before that, he worked as a consultant for many national and international projects and programs. He is the one who formulated the national export strategy for Vietnamese handicrafts and is also the Chairman of the international linking network One Village One Product with the participation of over 30 countries. He is also a consultant of the Vietnamese government to develop the movement of One Commune One Product (OCOP). He has close relationships with many experts and organizations at home and abroad to develop food and herbal products.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Xuan

(+84) 918 225 543 htxcaonguyen@gmail.com

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Xuan has experience and passion for researching and processing food products. Over the past 25 years, he has been constantly researching and learning about processing methods, increasing the value of agricultural products nationwide. Thanks to his efforts, he has gained many achievements in his field and pioneered the transfer of production technology, typically products such as wind drying roses, artichokes, etc. Mr. Xuan is currently an expert in processing herbal and food products with international network One Village One Product, directly in charge of the processing workshop in A Ro Village, Lang Commune, Tay Giang District.

Ms. Vu Huong Giang

(+84) 397 937 581 huonggiang.vietcraft@gmail.com

Ms. Vu Huong Giang has been a Russian international student for 7 years Tula State University, majored in Biotechnology and completed The Food Technology Program at Far Eastern Federal University. With a passion to create products by herself, Ms. Giang chose the biochemistry industry to fulfill her dream of researching and developing Vietnamese agricultural products. Currently, she is a Product Research and Development Specialist for the International OVOP Research Institute, specializing in beauty products.